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The KEREO Dive Mask

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The Kereo - (Dive Mask)

(Inspired by Madison Stewart)


Mask Size: Small/Medium 

IMPACT -  For every KEREO mask purchased 1 filtered water bottle will be donated to help improve the current health of Project Hiu's shark fishermen and their families, reduce plastic waste and help ' Improve livelihoods above and below the surface'. 

Super low volume mask with a great field of vision

The Kereo mask has been specifically designed to contain a low volume of air whilst offering an extra-wide field of vision. It’s the ideal mask for deep and/or repeated dive sessions.

Blue tint HD lenses

The blue tint HD lenses offer colour rendering, improved contrast, reduced sun glare and eye strain protection.

Improved Comfort 

The very small internal volume of The KEREO reduces the amount of effort needed to equalise pressure significantly. This inevitably results in a more comfortable and pleasure dive experience.

The ultra soft silicon skirt combines comfort with a skin like feel allowing for easy moulding and a water tight seal. In addition, the silicons grainy texture prevents finger slippage during adjustments and pressure equalisation manoeuvres. 

Optimum hydrodynamics

Rim designed to offer very low resistance in the water. The mask’s improved hydrodynamics make a real difference both when descending and while swimming on the surface.

Customer + Mask = Donated Water Filter