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Shark Bracelet

18 reviews

Be The Change

  • A conventional tool to educate and raise awareness.
  • Your protecting the health of our oceans for future generations and loved ones to enjoy.
  • Generate conversation and spread awareness about a meaningful cause.
  • We are creating change by working with our ‘enemies’ apposed against them.
  • On average to save 1 shark = $6.50 USD (What’s your impact?)
  • Over 75,000 + shark fins have been prevented from being caught and sold.

Product Description 

The Project Hiu Shark bracelet is an adjustable rope bracelet with a stainless steel shark fin charm. The bracelet comes in two size options, large and small. We recommend small to medium wrists wear a 'small' and medium to large wrists wear a 'large'. The bracelet is 100% rust proof and can be fully submerged in both fresh and salt water with ought being removed. The bracelet cord is also made from highly durable parachute cord;

  • "I have been wearing my Project Hiu Shark Bracelet for over 1 year now, I get so many complements and its been such as great conversation starter and way to educate people, love it!" - Laura bidle (Customer)


A core goal that has been set from day one of starting Project Hiu was to be 100% transparent with our 'Crew'. Our team know all too well the feeling of blindly giving to an organisation hoping the intentions and actions are taken out as proposed. Our goal is to breakdown these barriers and invite you 'The Crew Member' along this journey. By purchasing a Project Hiu product or donating, you will be accepted into a community dedicated to updating via email and social platforms on annual goals, progression and benchmarks, you will also gain access to first hand interviews of community members their feedback on the impact Project Hiu and its Crew Members is having on their lives. Please refer to 'Join The Crew' section for further reference to where we are investing your donation/ purchase funds.

Post purchase process:

  1. You purchase/donate
  2. We allocate funds towards annual impact goals (Refer to 'Join The Crew' for more...)
  3. You receive constant updates on goal progress and community impact via email and social updates.

Empowerment & Responsibility

The intent and aim of the bracelet is to help raise awareness and financial aid and continue our projects mission; improve the health of our oceans, by starting with those responsible for its deterioration. By purchasing this product you become responsible for educating those in need of enlightenment on the severity of our oceans deteriorating state. 

What's My Actual Impact? 

Many shark fishermen in Indonesia depend on extremely volatile and dangerous income streams to provide for their families and loved ones. Today fishermen are forced to travel further and in some cases in illegal water to seek more prosperous grounds, this new threat of prosecution can be combated. By joining The Crew you will be assisting in the investment and acquisition of new 'sustainable income assets' such as; tourism, waste management programs, early learning to better equip the next generation for changing times and finally supporting the community during this transition by suppling food, clean water and any other financial burdens and malnourished necessities incurred from a history of volatile fishing and marine exploitation. (Refer to 'Join The Crew' for more...)


1) A sustainable tourism program, that allows local fishermen to acquire and re-purpose their assets (boats, crew, knowledge, rich biodiversity) to build new independent income streams.  

2) Currently locals have no waste initiative or infrastructure in place, resulting in (HIGH) threats of disease and sickness. Our Crew are investing in waste management programs that employ ex- shark fishermen to collect, recycle and transport waste opposed to entering and being dumped in our oceans. We are also building the first 'toilet block' on the island.

3) Early learning; our crew are investing in a new preschool re-build and learning equipment and curriculums to better prepare future generation for change.

4) During Covid-19 transition has been difficult, by supporting, your allocation of funds will also go toward basic supplies like food (rice, noodles) that are deposited monthly to our community. 


- Stainless steel charm

- Nylon rope, extremely tough and durable (used in parachutes) 

- Sizing: Adjustable slip not, tighten to your preference

- Small bracelet diameter: 0.8cm

- Large bracelet diameter: 1.5cm

Without an apex predator, i.e. sharks a marine ecosystem cannot sustain healthy balance and therefore results in disease spread and infection through fish populations, this inevitably transcends onto land and into our communities a loved ones. 

- The cost to prevent one shark from being finned is $7.70 AUD

- Bracelet includes laptop sticker

- The average wage for a shark fishermen is $200 AUD per month or $50 per week

- A estimated 100,000,000 sharks are killed annually

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      Justin H.
      United States United States
      Wonderful and Impactful

      I never really wore bracelets prior to this but when I learned about Project Hiu and what they're setting out to do, I just knew I had to rep this. The order arrived in about 10 days and I'm very happy with the product. The packaging, communication, and quality of the bracelet were all fantastic and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's interested. It's great that something so small can communicate a message as important as shark conservation and financial sustainability. I'll definitely be wearing this for a long time. Keep up the good work guys!

      Really cute

      Love the bracelet. I think it’s really cute. I think the idea behind Project Hiu is really nice as well, I love sharks so much and don’t want them to be fished at all but am also sympathetic to those in poorer countries where that’s their only option for income to feed their families - Project Hiu opened my eyes up to that side of shark fishing in regards to the poorer areas like Indonesia where that’s their main option for income. I mainly knew about the larger commercial ships.

      Dane J.
      United States United States
      good cause

      It’s a bracelet so not much to it. You put it on and wear it.

      Denise S.
      United States United States
      Shark Bracelet

      great communication, efficient shipping, good quality, fantastic experience! pleased to support this cause! thank you very much for all of your efforts!!

      Jonn C.
      Australia Australia
      Small and wonderful!!

      My little shark bracelet might be small, but the best things come in small packages. Every little bit makes a difference! Keep up the inspirational work Madison Stewart, you are such a beautiful human xox

    Shark Bracelet