Project Hiu Foundation: Leadership

The objectives of Project Hiu are delivered through the work of the Board and volunteers. Project Hiu Foundation Limited (“Project Hiu”) ABN 81 647 510 085 is registered as an association under the laws of the Queensland and registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. The organisational structure of Project Hiu is set out by our Constitution, and the operations are carried out in accordance with policies which have beendeveloped to ensure strong governance and delivery of our purpose.

Our Board Members

Madison Stewart Read More

A technical diver, filmmaker and activist, Madison has created a connection between her content and advocacy to the general public through storytelling and presenting. Madison is recognised for her highly accredited awards including the Peter Benchley Youth Conservation Award, as well as Australian Geographic Society Young Conservationist of the Year. Immediately finding a strong connection to the oceans most feared predator, the shark, her fascination around this animal grew and became her focus. Staring in her first documentary at 18, Shark girl followed her battle to save sharks from commercial fisheries in Australia.

Kim Coyne Read More

Kim has a life long love of the outdoors and adventure travel, and developed a keen love of the ocean when learning to scuba dive in her 20’s. Whilst on a family diving holiday in Fiji, Kim met Madison which fostered a long friendship and increasing interest in the plight of global sharks populations. Kim has 25yrs of Nursing experience, where she has worked extensively in the Non-for-profit community health sector, developing skills in community program development and understanding the needs of, and working actively towards sustaining vulnerable communities. Kim has actively supported Project Hiu since it’s inception and is grateful for the opportunity to combine her passion for supporting costal communities to build sustainable change with her desire to actively support improved protection of the ocean and its biodiversity, for current and future generations.

Shara Lohrasb Read More

Shara Lohrasb (B.Sci) has almost 20 years’ experience across the Australian financial sector, including at the Federal Government’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation and several major Australian Banks. Shara actively draws on her skills and experience promoting responsible investment & policy toward climate change mitigation as well as the protection of natural capital and biodiversity by working with investors, not-for-profits and government.

Our Purpose & Mission

The primary purpose of Project Hiu Foundation Ltd is to provide direct relief of poverty, sickness, suffering & distress by giving freely to those who are in need of such support. Project Hiu aims to assist coastal communities made vulnerable through climate change, overfishing and exploitation by providing alternative economic development and sustainable incomes for the benefit of the people of these communities.

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What can you claim?

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Project Hiu Foundation supports the local community of the fishermen who are working with Project Hiu to transition their economy to incorporate eco-tourism, and away from unsustainable shark fishing. We believe in lasting, generational change that strengthens families as well as the oceans that surround the islands of East Lombok. Through Project Hiu Foundation, we raise money to help build infrastructure, support childhood education and raise local and international awareness of the value of the community’s natural capital. Introducing waste management, supporting scholarships for the children of fishermen & expanding our fleet, are only some of our current projects.