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We are still small, so taking on volunteers in the field isn't a possibility for us just this second. The best way to be involved is to join one of our trips, as future volunteer spots will be offered to trip guests first! In the meantime, do you have any particular skills that can help Project Hiu? Right now, we are looking for people with skills in building, grant application writing, graphic design, legal help, tourism, translation and scientific research. If you think you are able to help or put your background and knowledge to good use in conservation, get in touch



You can support us and our work directly by making a donation, purchasing merchandise and helping raise awareness. Project Hiu is made possible by individuals who donate and support us from all over the world. Do you have or know a business that makes charitable donations? We also ask you to keep us in your thoughts for large-scale tax-deductible donations that can be made for citizens of the USA, as we are a 501(c)(3) charitable organisation. Also for Australia, through the Project Hiu Foundation, a registered DGR charity.

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Join us on a Project Hiu trip. By joining one of our trips, your money is going directly to a shark fishing boat that would be fishing without your presence as a tourist. Supporting tourism that helps sharks, especially in areas where sharks are heavily fished and their presence alive is becoming an investment for the locals, such as Indonesia, is a great way to put your money into the preservation of our oceans. It will also allow you to have future involvement in our project and see firsthand, the shark fin trade, giving you a strong foundational experience as you move forward in conservation

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How many people in your family, friendship circle or community know about the shark fin trade? The number of sharks killed annually. The tourism opportunities in Indonesia, and general facts about these apex predators? One of the greatest impacts you can make is becoming a mouthpiece for sharks, and a great way to start is by sharing our films.


There is always a need for conservationists to protect their local environment. This is a great way to get started and often you have the most impact somewhere close to home, you don’t have to live by a beach to be able to make a positive change for sharks. Are there shark products at your local shop? Can you do something about this? Local issues are a great way to learn and become effective at conservation.


Being a smart consumer is probably the most essential thing you can do as an individual to help sharks. This goes beyond just saying no to shark fin soup and any establishments that sell shark fin soup. Shark byproducts include skin, liver oil, cartilage and meat can be found in many different products; ranging from cosmetics to jewelry. By saying no to shark products, or any product that contains shark derivatives, you are helping lower the demand for such products. You can also go one step further by getting in touch with companies and manufacturers to voice your concerns.

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