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Announced January-2021

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Artist:  España Garcia Feucht

"I approached this project with the idea that Id be portraying sharks being saved, but soon realized through the story of what “Project Hiu” really is, that the fisherman communities of these South East Asian islands also needed saving from the devastating entity that the shark finning industry is… I began with researching traditional tattoo art work of the region, and the story telling style of ancient cave paintings. The story begins with the many hands reaching for the shark, as many reach for them through means of fascination and or commodity. Following the reaching hands are the many hooks used to fish them. Above the hooks and on the dorsal and pectoral fins is traditional tattoo art work, and flowers of the region. Then the story begins with people celebrating their catch, and their own safe return. They hold shark fins, and display the killings they risked their lives for in order to provide income for their families. Above that is the representation of water where a small boat carrying tourist/outsiders look on with shock at what they see. Its Madison holding a freshly cut shark fin that illustrates to the onlooker the truth about the shark fin industry. Above her blow changing winds. Then above a circular island is Madison swimming with a shark. Lastly she stands in reconcile with a fisherman, holding hands, with the promise of change, followed by a shark tail filled with tattoo art representing elements of the Project Hiu story".

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100% of the profits raised from our T-shirts are donated to further assist the growth and impact of our mission to; 'Improve livelihoods above and below the surface'.


- Light weight
- 100% organic combed cotton (marles 15% viscose) 
- Quality cotton grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides - GOTS (Global - - - Organic Textile Standard) certified
- Neck ribbing, side seamed, shoulder to shoulder tape, double needle hems,