Ocean Warrior Pack

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Crew Benefits

  • Your protecting the health of our oceans for future generations and loved ones to enjoy.
  • Join a community changing an entire generation through education and provide new income opportunities.
  • Saving sharks reduces spread of disease and infection in our ocean (long term health benefits).

Your saving more than just price with our 'Ocean Warrior Pack'

The Project Hiu 'Ocean Warrior Pack' is so much more than a bundle of premium dive products. The funds raised from this donation provides a significant impact in our community of shark fishermen. We do not simply donate this money however, with our strategic investments into new sustainable assets, like our waste management program, we are able to employ our now ex-shark fishermen to collect and recycle ocean plastic. 

To justify just how impactful this purchase is we have broken down the following cost of living for a fishermen and his family for perspective. The following figures show on average the monthly expenses incurred for a shark fishermen in our community;

  • 1 fishermen on an average trip will get paid $200 AUD for 1 month of fishing in illegal and highly hostile waters.
  •  On average each fishermen supports up to 6 family members with this wage
  • Your donation will effectively employ and support fishermen and their families, prevent sharks from being finned and finally re-purpose a fishermen to clean ocean plastic.  

JOIN THE CREW - (What side of history will you be on?)

Many shark fishermen in Indonesia depend on extremely volatile and dangerous income streams to provide for their families and loved ones. Today fishermen are forced to travel further and in some cases in illegal water to seek more prosperous grounds, this new threat of prosecution can be combated. By joining The Crew you will be assisting in the investment and acquisition of new 'sustainable income assets' such as; tourism, waste management programs, early learning to better equip the next generation for changing times and finally supporting the community during this transition by suppling food, clean water and any other financial burdens and malnourished necessities incurred from a history of volatile fishing and marine exploitation. 


1) A sustainable tourism program, that allows local fishermen to acquire and re-purpose their assets (boats, crew, knowledge, rich biodiversity) to build new independent income streams.  

2) Currently locals have no waste initiative or infrastructure in place, resulting in (HIGH) threats of disease and sickness. Our Crew are investing in waste management programs that employ ex-shark fishermen to collect, recycle and transport waste opposed to entering and being dumped in our oceans. We are also building the first 'toilet block' on the island.

3) Early learning; our crew are investing in a new preschool re-build and learning equipment and curriculums to better prepare future generation for change.

4) During Covid-19 transition has been difficult, by supporting, your allocation of funds will also go toward basic supplies like food (rice, noodles) that are deposited monthly to our community. 


- Black Pack

- Stewart UV Dive Mask

- Protective Face Buff 

- Mask Strap 

Without an apex predator, i.e. sharks a marine ecosystem cannot sustain healthy balance and therefore results in disease spread and infection through fish populations, this inevitably transcends onto land and into our communities a loved ones. 

  • The cost to prevent one shark from being finned is $7.50 AUD
  • The average wage for a shark fishermen is $200 AUD per month or $50 per week
  • A estimated 100,000,000 sharks are killed annually

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      James P.
      Australia Australia
      Ocean Warrior Awesomeness

      It was a truly amazing experience, I feel ready to take on the world! Thanks shark gal and Project Hiu <3