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Fins sold once a month for 48hr period.


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Premium Composite Freedive Blades

Made in Australia

100% of profits help support Project Hiu in its mission to ‘improve livelihoods above and below the surface’.

Shipping Internationally (Now!)


The Origin Fins will be made available once a month every month for a (LIMITED 48 HR)period, restock updates will be announced via email subscription.

The customised hybrid epoxy resin system, coupled with state-of-the-art design and aerospace grade fabric combine to create a fin that transfers load to the larger muscle groups, instead of focusing on any one specific location. Composite blades are slightly heavier and less resilient than carbon blades but what they lack in weight and flexibility they make up for in extreme endurance and durability.

Ideal fin for all round shore based and boat-based freediving.

Why Our Fins:

1 - State-of-the-art design and aerospace grade fabric resulting in enhanced durability and performance.

2 - Customised hybrid epoxy resin system

3 - 3 Year warranty

4 - Composite fins are more efficient than plastic fins with a better snap, and a better choice for intermediate divers who are going deeper. It also retains its shape and stiffness.

5 - The ergonomic angle in the base of the blade aids streamlining, making both surface swimming and deep diving extremely efficient.


  • Each purchase comes with two fins
  • Foot pockets not included
  • Pre-order wait time (12-20 days)


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