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Crew Benefits

  • Your protecting the health of our oceans for future generations and loved ones to enjoy.
  • Join a community changing an entire generation through education and provide new income opportunities.
  • Saving sharks reduces spread of disease and infection in our ocean (long term health benefits).

A reliable dive pack that improves livelihoods above and below the surface.



A portion of the funds raised from this Project Hiu Dive Pack, we will be allocated towards the re-build of the local pre-school situated on Fishermen Island. Our hopes are, that this investment will pay long term dividends in educating the next generation in the importance of ocean conservation and sustainable business.

Durability: "I've had my bag for over a year now. To put it to the test I've checked it in on international flights, thrown it around boats and even backed over it once (true story). It's in perfect shape, zippers working and keeps everything dry. I love this bag."- Madison Stewart (Founder, Ocean Explorer)

Impact: The funds raised from the sale of these Dive Packs will help fund the development of the pre-school on Fishermen Island along with decommissioning shark fishing vessels.

Warranty: 2 years

Comfort: Memory foam back pad, support lower and upper lumber regions for optimised comfort and back support.

Design: Easy access and compact storage abilities with side pockets, front pockets, snorkel attachment and roller duffle

Many shark fishermen in Indonesia depend on extremely volatile and dangerous income streams to provide for their families and loved ones. Today fishermen are forced to travel further and in some cases in illegal water to seek more prosperous grounds, this new threat of prosecution can be combated. By joining The Crew you will be assisting in the investment and acquisition of new 'sustainable income assets' such as; tourism, waste management programs, early learning to better equip the next generation for changing times and finally supporting the community during this transition by suppling food, clean water and any other financial burdens and malnourished necessities incurred from a history of volatile fishing and marine exploitation. 


1) A sustainable tourism program, that allows local fishermen to acquire and re-purpose their assets (boats, crew, knowledge, rich biodiversity) to build new independent income streams.  

2) Currently locals have no waste initiative or infrastructure in place, resulting in (HIGH) threats of disease and sickness. Our Crew are investing in waste management programs that employ Xfishermen to collect, recycle and transport waste opposed to entering and being dumped in our oceans. We are also building the first 'toilet block' on the island.

3) Early learning; our crew are investing in a new preschool re-build and learning equipment and curriculums to better prepare future generation for change.

4) During Covid-19 transition has been difficult, by supporting, your allocation of funds will also go toward basic supplies like food (rice, noodles) that are deposited monthly to our community. 


  • 30L storage capacity
  • Internal laptop sleeve
  • Snorkel attachment
  • Waist clips (Improved lumber support)
  • Chest clips - (Relieve back strain)
  • Roll clip opening - (water tight and secure)
  • Front mesh storage pocket
  • 500DPVC waterproof material
  • Parachute cord zipper material (ultra-tough)

Without an apex predator, i.e. sharks a marine ecosystem cannot sustain healthy balance and therefore results in disease spread and infection through fish populations, this inevitably transcends onto land and into our communities a loved ones. 

  • The cost to prevent one shark from being finned is $7.70 AUD
  • The average wage for a shark fishermen is $200 AUD per month or $50 per week
  • A estimated 100,000,000 sharks are killed annually
  • Project Hiu is not liable and holds no responsibility for any wet or damaged items. Although this bag is water resistant, it is advised precautions around all water perishable goods is still taken.
  • International Shipping Time - (7-15 days due to Covid-19).
  • (Australian) Domestic – (3 - 7 business days).

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    Nicholas B.
    United States United States

    Absolutely lovely bag! I have been telling all my dive buddies about it

    J C.
    Spain Spain
    Love this pack!

    Not only is this dive pack gorgeous (I have the white one), but it's super practical too. I couldn't wait to get it, it arrived today, and I can't wait to put it to use. I especially love the snorkel holder on the side. It's roomy inside - plenty of room for a wetsuit. The pockets are nice too. Shoulder straps are super comfy and there is a padded but rigid backplate too so that it is easy and comfortable to carry. Great pack! 10/10 would recommend!

    Lexi V.
    United States United States
    Perfect for leaving on the beach / boat and keeping stuff dry!

    This pack has worked great for me! It keeps my towel and clothes dry while I'm out in the water or on a boat. Also keeps my wet clothes from leaking through the bottom of the bag when I'm walking back to my car or to grab a coffee.

    United States United States
    Your next dive bag

    Or your next bag in general. With a sturdy design and well thought out features, the dive pack is basically a must have. I fit my dive belt with weights, wet wetsuit, mask, snorkel, and other dive accessories in here easily. Huge bonus points, the white one is essentially sun proof. I took this on a 12 hour boat trip, albeit kept the bag partially in the shade, and it kept my water cool! I then left the bag in direct sunlight on concrete during a dive and came back 4 hours later to my water still chill and all my belongings not melted. (It was easily 90F / 30C outside with zero shade) Don't think twice about the bag, it's well worth it and a needed part of my gear. Do have an answer prepared for when people inquire about it because it sticks out and is an excellent opportunity to hype up Project Hiu.

    Brandon .
    United States United States

    Keeping your equipment dry has never looked this good! If you are looking for a good quality drybag this is great! Fits everything perfectly.